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Hello, my name is Dr. Bruce A. Matis

Dental Biography of Bruce A. Matis 

Dr. Bruce A. Matis earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Case Western Reserve University.  He earned his Master of Science in Dentistry degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry in Operative Dentistry.  He served for 22 years in the United States Air Force, three of those years being a consultant to the Surgeon General of the United States Air Force.  He retired in 1993 and joined the faulty of Indiana University School of Dentistry.  He is a Professor and presently serves as Director of the Clinical Research Section.  He also serves as an Associate Editor of the Operative Dentistry journal.  He has lectured and published extensively on whitening agents.  He is a consultant to the American Dental Association on Tooth Whitening.

This is my family

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