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bulletProtein Oxidation and Cellular Homeostasis:  Emphasis on Metabolism by Valentina Cecarini, et al.
bulletOpinion on Tooth Whitening Products, European Commission, Scientific Committee on Consumer Products
bullet Frequently Asked Questions About Bleaching by Van B. Haywood, DMD
bullet ADA Statement On The Safety And Effectiveness Of Tooth Whitening Products
bullet Effectiveness of Dentist-Prescribed, Home-Applied Tooth Whitening. A Meta-analysis by Richard Neiderman, DMD et al.
bulletEffects of In-Office Tooth Whiteners on Hardness of Tooth-Colored Restoratives by Adrian UJ Yap, BDS and P Wattanapayungkul, DDS
bulletEffects of In-Office Bleaching Products on Surface Finish of Tooth-Colored Restorations by P Wattanapayungkul and AUJ Yap
bullet In Situ and In Vitro Effects of Bleaching with Carbamide Peroxide on Human Enamel by LM Justino, DR Tames and FF Demarco