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The Clinical Research Section (CRS) has been established to assist the faculty at Indiana University School of Dentistry accomplish their clinical research studies.  It is housed in the Graduate Operative Dentistry Program clinic on the fourth floor of the dental school. 

The CRS can accommodate up to three studies simultaneously.  It is staffed by Dr. Bruce A. Matis as the Director and Ms Susan Plymale as the Receptionist.  We hire dental assistants as needed for the various studies.  All studies accomplished in the CRS are approved by the Institutional Review Board at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

We have accomplished studies on Tooth Whitening (In-office and At-home treatments), degradation (Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide), resin adhesive studies (Resin and Glass Ionomer) and gingival sensitivity.  The CRS is anxious to help you in your research needs.  We ask for an opportunity to write a protocol in studies involving any of the above areas.